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Thank you for visiting the 9 to 5 Wife!

My name is Sonja, my husband Andrew and I and our baby girl live and work in New York City.   He's a 9-to-5-er with some work travel, and I work evenings at my full time job in hospitality at a sports and entertainment venue.   Makes it a weeeeeee bit challenging to eat well or mostly homemade (Andrew isn't opposed to lots of takeout, but I am!)

Speaking of my husband, he's the one that inspired me to start this blog.   He believes that there must be couples like us out there, and since we've done pretty well over the last two years managing it, we should share some wisdom with other families with unmatched work schedules that still want to eat tasty homemade food (even if they can't always be together).

The theme of almost all of the recipes and cooking tips on this site is "How to Make Yummy Stuff Ahead of Time."  Very technical, I know.  🙂   Sometimes I might throw a best-eaten-right-away recipe in there for the once (twice if we're lucky) a week we get to eat together, but the idea is to mirror how I manage our own grocery shopping, food prep, and make-aheads to keep my husband full (harder than you'd think!) and our takeout orders rare.

In addition to the recipe posts, I also have included some tips and tricks that I've evolved over the last couple years which save me time, money, and aggravation.  🙂   Check out my Dinner Puzzle Pieces page, where I detail certain items (ingredients and prepped items that I always have on hand.   My Meal Planning & Shopping page gives an idea of how I do my grocery shopping and my weekly meal planning routine.

Welcome to the 9 to 5 Wife!