Author: Sonja

Whatever! Quiche

  This is the easiest, most harried-morning-friendly, adaptable, what-I-make-when-I-don't-know-what-to-make recipe I have in my arsenal.  Is 9 to 5 Wife peaking too soon?  🙂 I love quiche.  LOVE it.  One of the best things about quiche is that it's good for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner.  Another great thing is that it can be eaten hot or cold (Andrew doesn't always have access to a microwave).  This version isn't bad for you, it's only about 1 egg per serving and uses whole milk instead of cream. As long as you have pie crusts in your fridge/freezer (see my Meal Planning...

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Cold Sesame Peanut Noodles with Chicken

Ahhh, Chinese food in New York City.    Temptingly easy.   Less expensive than other kinds of takeout (sometimes).   Delicious.  REALLY bad for you! Chinese is one of Andrew's favorites and I'm pretty particular to dumplings of all kinds.   But this is a great recipe for eating right away OR for refrigerating (in separate elements - my recommendations below), with no added MSG (where does one even buy that?), and pantry-friendly ingredients. Speaking of pantry friendly, I have a post under this page detailing my pantry strategy.   I keep a lot of Asian ingredient staples in our kitchen due to Andrew's love...

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