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Amongst the grapes in Sonoma County. You can tell this was taken before I had kids by the telltale presence of skinny jeans. 😉

Hi, I’m Sonja and I’m the Wife in 9 to 5 Wife!

When I’m not working my corporate job or reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to my 15 month old for the 56th time that day, I spend as much time as I can in my kitchen.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge over the last year or so of including our daughter in family mealtimes as much as possible.   However, sometimes you just gotta have a pouch on hand, so I’ve come up with some great recipes for those mixtures as well.

When I’m not in my kitchen trying to come up with a great use for 10 lbs of organic carrots that seemed like a good idea at Costco (spoiler:  there really isn’t one), I love to read novels, cheer on the Rangers and the Yankees, or continue my hunt for the best Szechuan dumpling in New York (and coldest glass of rose!).