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Our goal and our mission is to help families eat better, spend less, and spend happy, stress-free time together over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whatever meal your family is able to eat together.   We have a few different pillars that guide how and what we eat:

  1. Make-Ahead:   I work a non-traditional schedule at my full time job, and the vast majority of the recipes I share here are designed to be made ahead of time, either the night before or the morning of.    We at 9 to 5 Wife are big fans of freezables, slow-cooker-ables, and recipes that hold up well when assembled at 7am and eaten at 7pm.
  2. Budget – with some careful planning, I believe that there is a way to eat delicious, high-quality food without spending a lot of money.
  3. Sustainability – in my household we try to reduce waste where possible.    We buy most things in bulk (three cheers for Costco!), and avoid individually wrapped items and disposables as much as we can.  I try really hard to be as green as possible, and food waste is a big deal to me.   Part of my meal planning approach is to try to use any ingredients that might be odd or perishable (such as a can of chipotles in adobo or a big bunch of cilantro) in multiple recipes throughout the week.
  4. Sharing with the kids – right now only one of our two kids is old enough for table food, but boy is she obsessed with eating what we eat!    Most of our recipes include a few tweaks that make it easy for the whole family to sit down and enjoy together.    For our family, what we feed our daughter (and eventually our son) includes some organic items, and there are some items we steer away from altogether.   Our philosophy on this can be found HERE (link to Philosophy page).

In addition to the recipe posts, I also have included some tips and tricks that I’ve evolved over the last couple years which save me time, money, and aggravation.  Check out my Dinner Puzzle Pieces page, where I detail certain items (ingredients and prepped items) that I always have on hand.   My Meal Planning & Shopping page gives an idea of how I do my grocery shopping and my weekly meal planning routine.

Welcome again to the 9 to 5 Wife!